Natural Light

by Amanda Lin Costa on May 13, 2011

Not to brag, but I hear time and time again how beautifully shot my film is. I can’t give enough credit to Emon Hassan for this. People ask me how big my crew was on the film and I laugh. Emon shot and we shared the fussing over the few lights we used inside. A reflector was used on some shots outside.

We were not crazy. We did this because we had been shooting documentaries on the Canon 5D Mark II 5D and spent “equipment” budget on lens and a Kessler Cineslider. What was hand-held was frankly, well, handheld – we had a Red Rock Micro-rig but never a Steady Cam.

To prove we were not crazy, look at this trailer for “The Tree of Life.” A more stunningly shot film could not be seen and as you will read in this article at ICG Magazine, most of the film was shot hand-held with natural light. It is a great article especially if you are a fan of Terrence Malick or just love the process of filmmaking.

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